Forty years in the shop will leave you with endless memories and more stories that you can tell. The ARI Magazine is a collection of short tales as written by our founder, Kent Bain.


Volume 1

From Liz Claiborne’s bicycles to Aston Martin DB4GTs and everything in between, we take a look back to the early portion of the decade. ARI begins a new chapter in a larger shop, but few things change as our clients discover familiar faces fill this new building.


Volume 2

Hurricane Sandy takes its tole, Lime Rock’s Sunday in the Park showcases some of our finest work, and we take on the interesting task of replacing the un-replaceable. Just a few of our many memories from 2012.


Volume 3

Packs of Pegasos line the front of the shop while barn finds find shelter and some of Maranello’s finest visit the shop for extensive restorations. 2015 was an especially busy year as our shop continued to grow, filled with stories show-winning restorations and our clients’ passion projects.


Volume 4

From turn-of-the-century electric cars to modern day GT racers, this edition of the ARI Magazine has a little something for everyone. We discuss restoration projects and a busy 2018 show season, as well as some welcome run-ins with friends old and new!


Volume 5

With our busiest season of the year well under way, ARI been keeping busy finishing old projects and starting new, from a tag-team effort on a modified Porsche 914 sleeper to a full restoration on of of only a few Pegaso Z102s. Read more in our latest edition of the ARI Magazine!