British two place roadsters epitomize the essence of vintage sports car motoring. Nimble handling, spirited wind in the hair driving and entertaining down the road performance are their hallmarks and make them both desirable to drive and, with the purchase of the appropriate vehicle, an appreciating collectable.

Our 1956 Austin Healey 100/4 is just such a car. First, because it falls under the VSCCA rules for age of manufacture, it would be welcomed in vintage racing events and vintage rallies. And while 100/4s are excellent sunny Sunday drivers and fun cars and coffee candidates, knowing that they are also sought after by competition minded buyers adds to their investment potential.

Next, a noted British motoring shop has painstakingly restored BN2L/232494 to a cosmetically and mechanically excellent level. It sports what experts say is one of the most looked-for 100/4 paint schemes – red over black – adding to eye appeal and desirability. But the feature that sets our Austin Healey 100/4 apart from others currently on the market is that it has been retrofitted with the Factory 100 M, “Le Mans” kit. Originally, these were offered “in period” through Austin Healey dealers after two 100s finished the 1953 Le Mans 24 Hours in 12th and 14th place. Because the Austin Healey factory only produced 640 100/M or “Le Mans” cars, Donald Healey had come up with a way to satisfy the “Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday” market. Of course, these kits were not a “badge engineering” exercise. They included parts that truly improved the 100’s already respectable performance. Besides suspension enhancements, the kits included higher compression pistons, a high lift camshaft and stronger valve springs. A new Lucas distributor with a modified advance curve was included to improve performance. And a new intake manifold with two SU HD6 1.75” carburetors was installed sporting a cold air box that improved airflow into the engine. The kit was estimated to increase the stock engine's power by over 10-hp. To complete the picture, Le Mans conversion kits included louvered “bonnets” and front-mounted driving lights and these, as our photos show, are present on BN2L/232492.

A prior owner has applied for and received a British Motor Industry Heritage Trust certificate and this plus other service and restoration documentation are available to inform a potential purchasing decision. Our Austin Healey 100/4 has classic vintage sports car styling and, with the addition of the Factory designed “Le Mans Kit”, delivers all-around enhanced performance. It’s beautiful and a joy to drive. Call us to learn more about this gem and then pick a sunny day to visit and experience an exciting test drive.

Price: $98,000 - This vehicle has been sold!


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