Over the last 40 years, we’ve had the opportunity to finish some truly spectacular projects. Below is a small sample of some of the fine automobiles that we have restored.  While this list does include many of our top-tier restorations, it shouldn't take away from the fact that no job is too big or too small for us. 


A Car and It’s Family
A Siata Reborn

A story about special cars and people who curate and care about artful machines.  We start with some family history and decades of use, hands on augmentation and enjoyment of Siata 200CS #071

The Road To Restoration
Aston Martin DB4C

This is a special Aston Martin, both in its creation and life on the road. Nicknamed “Halsey” this Aston’s been driven far and often in all...

One of a Kind
Ferrari 166MM 0300

Ferrari 166 MM 0300 was a more recent story. Long time client and collector Dennis Nicotra said, “I’ve just bought this terrific Ferrari and I want to restore it to its original race winning condition.”

Awarded and Appreciated
Ferrari 400 Super America #3747 

Ferrari 400 Super America chassis number 3747 looked pretty good on arrival. The last short wheelbase 400 in the miniscule...

A Pagaso Story
Touring Bodied Z103

Projects like this are a pleasure for the craftsmen at ARI and VRS. Efforts undertaken with knowledgeable, understanding and involved owners...

A Tale of Two Ferraris
Ferrari Number 15809 & 15807

How often do guys like us have the chance to resurrect a fine Ferrari for the guy who bought it new from Luigi Chinetti’s mid-town...

Pegaso Perfection Restored
A Story of Then and Now

This is a story of then and now. Then, as exhibited at the San Remo Concours 1954 with Pierre and Henriette Saoutchik aboard...

An Almost Original Owners Original Roadster
Jaguar XK120

It is not often that we have the pleasure of bringing a significant collectable classic back to life for the guy who bought it in its first...

Quite The Life
Siata 208s

Siata 208S #BS508 has endured quite a life by anyone’s standard. It left the factory sometime in late '52 or early '53 headed for Ernie McAfee’s...

Aston Martin & Fitch-Whitmore
A DB2 and Le Mans Special

Two very interesting competition cars. Related by purpose, but of very different origin, both were restored by Automotive Restorations Inc. In the...

Working Just Right
1940 Packard 180 Woodie

This beautiful old Packard 180 drove into our shop under its own power in the winter of 2003-04. Though a bit down on its post-depression-era luck,...

Evolution of the Caprice
1988 Caprice 9C1

This short video highlights the installation of the GM Fastburn 385 crate engine in my 1988 Caprice 9C1 police interceptor. Thanks to technician...

Cunningham’s Thunder Restored
Uniquely American

Rick Rothinberger's Cunningham C-2 arrived at Automotive Restorations in late 2000. It was not a basket case, but a fair portion of the car arrived...

TZ Stories to Tell
Alfa Romeo TZ #750027

We restored this superb Alfa Romeo TZ in 2006. It has been exhibited at a number of well known concours events winning awards on a regular basis...

A Year In The Life
Jaguar Number 670151

All was buzzing in July 2009 as we prepare to send Peter Kalikow’s Jaguar XK120 off to Pebble Beach for exhibit.  Off it...

Lets Do It Right!
Bentley Graber

It all started in February, 2000, with a phone call seeking information. A Swiss (Graber) bodied MK6 Bentley in Georgia was the subject of Dale...

A Rolls-Royce Story
Awards Aplenty

We are pleased to have been a part of the restoration of the beautiful Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II convertible, pictured herein, A “part” is the...