Whether your racing preference is “arrive and drive” or of a more hands-on experience, Vintage Racing Services can be there for you to make your time at the track the best it can be.  Our experienced automotive technicians will ensure your race car is ready when you are and won’t let you down when the pressure is on.  Don’t own a race car?  We can guide you to the best purchase or rent you one of our top machines.  We specialize in on site support, including personalized driving instruction, catering, and, of course, transportation.  No detail is left unattended and you’ll appreciate our one-on-one interactions from the second you choose to participate in a race event to that very special moment on the podium.  Get the most from your racing experience with VRS!


Trackside Tales

Our Trackside Tales are a collection of stories from the races, from Lime Rock Park to La Carrera Panamericana and beyond! Written and curated by Kent Bain, this series gives a “behind the curtain” look at Vintage Racing Services and our highly competitive clients!


Love racing stories as much as we do?

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