Vintage Racing Services is dedicated to providing superior quality trackside and rally support. To this end, we have spent years improving maintenance and track support systems to eliminate the bugs. We maintain and carry an extensive trackside spares inventory, supply trackside shelter, lunch and beverages. We do our best to make your vintage racing experience as much fun and as stimulating as possible.

In addition to trackside service, Vintage Racing Services has considerable experience supporting historic rallies. Our crews have attended events around the world. We have restored and prepared cars for the varied challenges of U.S. rally format events, European Classic Rally events, events in mainland China & Mexico’s famous La Carrera PanAmericana.

The records of the cars we prepare speak best for our capability in this arena. VRS prepared cars have participated successfully in numerous rallies & have compiled one of the most winning La Carrera PanAmericana, records.

We have also learned the “lay of the land” for numerous events and are happy to help with accommodation, recommendations, and advice. We handle event entries and sanctioning body interface activity for our customers. We have a good rapport with the various groups and can often get special requirements handled. Service is our business. If there is something you require not detailed here, please ask. You will find us flexible and accommodating.



Trackside Support services include but are not limited to:

  • Race prep

  • Safety check

  • On the spot repairs

  • Tire changes

  • Fuel Management

  • Spares Inventory

  • Trackside shelter

  • Sustenance

  • Accommodation Advice

  • Concierge Services